Ant-Man Is The Most Anticipated Movie Of 2015

Ant-Man is the most anticipated movie of 2015 according to data released by Outbrain which measured the popularity of upcoming films based on how often people were reading about them online.

Leading content discovery platform Outbrain has been busily measuring our online movie-related antics by recording the page views of articles about Hollywood’s up and coming releases. Based on the data recorded worldwide, lovable everyman Paul Rudd’s Ant Man comes out on top, while Channing Tatum ripping his clothes off again in Magic Mike XXL is a close runner-up.

In the UK, Jurassic World is the most read-about film, while Magic Mike XXL again features highly in second place. According to Outbrain’s data, the least written and read about film is Pan, Jo Wright’s reimagining of the fairy-tale classic featuring a starring role from Cara Delevingne.

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Ant Man Most Anticipated Movie of 2015

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  1. Rodney Reply

    Oh god, who the [email protected] thinks this shit up. What a load of BS.

  2. Callum Reply

    Magic Mike XXL!!! I didn’t even know it was coming out!

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