“Freaks” To Get UK Theatrical Re-Release In June

Freaks, the Tod Browning horror classic from 1932 which Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw calls a “work of genius” is set for a UK theatrical re-release in June.

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Now regarded as a landmark film but wildly controversial when it was first produced, Tod Browning’s film, set in a travelling circus, works as an old-fashioned morality play against avarice. Browning used a collection of disabled actors and performers for the circus community, which initially welcomes the beautiful trapeze artist Cleopatra into their group when she marries midget circus owner, Hans. However, as it becomes clear that Cleopatra is only after Hans’ money, and is conducting an affair with the strongman, the close-knit clan of ‘freaks’ plan a revenge.

The film will be re-released at UK cinemas from the 12th of June 2015.

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