Helena Bonham Carter & Channing Tatum Make The Grade For Britain’s Ultimate Family

A recent study by Ripley’s Believe it or Not! London, the family attraction celebrating the weird and the wonderful, found that Helena Bonham Carter would feature in Britain’s ultimate family.

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Brits think the perfect family would include David Beckham as dad and Holly Willoughby as mum. The former England Captain, OBE and Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF has been voted to be the number one celebrity figure Brits would love to have as a dad.

This Morning host and Celebrity Juice panellist, Holly Willoughby has all the qualities of the perfect mother figure. Unfortunately for Katie Hopkins, she came bottom of the list.

Perhaps surprisingly, second choice mum and dad turned out to be Sharon and Ozzy Osborne according to the study.

Natascha Crump, General Manager for Ripley’s Believe it or Not! London which commissioned the study, said: “As a popular family visitor attraction, it’s interesting to see who people think would make up the perfect family. David Beckham has a lot of qualities that lead him to being a great role model for children, so it’s not surprising Brits see him as the perfect father figure.

“We love quirky and unusual characters so it was great to see Ozzy Osborne on the list and I’m sure he’d be an interesting person to have around the house! Holly Willoughby is also a good choice for a mum, she’s got a caring personality and three children of her own. But we can also see why Sharon Osborne has the potential to be a fun mum to have around with her larger than life personality.”

The study also found the perfect family would have two sisters and two brothers making it a large family. And the celebrities most Brits would like to have as their siblings are Adele and the Barbadian beauty, Rhianna. As for brothers, ‘A Team’ and ‘Sing’ singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has been picked for the top spots. White House Down and Jump Street star Channing Tatum is also a personality Brits want to have as their brother.

But the perfect family extends further than the immediate members of mum dad and siblings, it also includes aunty, uncle and even grandmother. English Actress Helena Bonham Carter has been named as the perfect celebrity aunt with her unconventional and eccentric sense of fashion and string of films under her belt. And as for the uncle, that role has been given to Britain’s Got Talent judge and Little Britain star, David Walliams – an interesting character to have round for Christmas dinner.

Other celebs considered to be great for the role of aunty and uncle were said to be Jennifer Saunders and Elton John.

The survey also revealed what talents produce the family members and despite Becks being the best dad, TV presenters are the best for parent figures.

Pop stars are the best sister figures while movie actors have the ideal qualities to be brothers and Grandparents are also made up of people with successful film careers behind them.

Although results show most people would love an A-List family, most people did state that the most important value to find in a parental figure was trust and kindness over being rich and good-looking.

Natascha Crump added: “We see many different types of families coming through the door on a daily basis. We call ourselves the ‘home of the unbelievable’ and it is interesting to see what people view as the most unbelievable family. At the end of the day if you have a family that you can trust and shows you kindness, you already have the most unbelievable family.”

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