Films On-The-Go Review: Mini Touch Boombox

Meet the Mini Touch Boombox available from Genie Gadgets, a speaker that gives mobile phones an instant volume boost with zero hassle…

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A giant amongst mini speakers, the Mini Touch Boombox gives your mobile device a major sonic boost without the need to pair through Bluetooth. It works with an array of mobile devices but operates best with iPhone and iPod Touch by amplifying the sound coming from the phone’s tiny speakers to give them the boost they so desperately need. It’s a handy, easy-to-use device that works well. The sound this little device provides has plenty of oomph so you won’t need to overdo the volume unless you really want to annoy the neighbours.

– Portable Speaker
– Micro USB cable
– 3W Speaker
– Built- in 500mAh battery
– Charge lasts 4-5 hours
– Compatible with most Smartphones

Rechargeable through the provided mini USB, the Boombox sports a 3W speaker with a four to five hour life on a single charge. The Mini Touch Boombox boasts that despite its miniature size its sound is anything but. With a sleek exterior and lightweight feel, this wireless portable speaker looks great and provides ample volume to smartphones’ otherwise limited “loud speakers”.

We tried the device with a few movies and found the device hits a sweetspot at the mid-range and nicely amplifies dialogue, music and low-end bass. While it can’t match more robust speakers, for its size and the fact it doesn’t require Bluetooth connectivity, it’s the easiest-to-use mini speaker on the market.

The Mini Boombox Touch Speaker costs £21.95 from Genie Gadgets


Written by Rory Fish

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