10 Lessons Harrison Ford Learned About Surviving A Plane Crash From The Movies

Harrison Ford is like a magnet for traumatic events and peril. His most recent brush with death occurred when his plane crash landed shortly after taking off in Santa Monica. These films probably saved his life…

Harrison Ford has been putting his life at risk yet again after he took off from Santa Monica airport in his 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR and suffered engine difficulties forcing him to crash land the plane in a nearby golf course. Luckily, his injuries have been described as minor and he is expected to make a full recovery. Everyone at Top 10 Films wishes him all the best in his recovery. However, given his frequent brushes with airborne peril we’re assuming these movie experiences may have helped save his life…

Fist-fights near taxiing World War II fighter planes should be conducted with extreme caution

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Top 10 Films,

There are multiple uses of the life raft, including using it as a makeshift parachute

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Temple of Doom, Top 10 Films,

If the aircraft is out of control and will inevitably crash-land, head to the rear and hope for the best…

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Air Force One, Top 10 Films,

Heavy weaponry optional; be wary of bullets exiting the plane causing fatal depressurisation

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Air Force One, Top 10 Films,

Companions are welcome in case of desert island abandonment

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Six Days Seven Nights, Top 10 Films,

Unlikely romances with women 20 years your junior after traumatic air disasters are good for the healing process

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Six Days Seven Nights, Top 10 Films,

If flying spacecraft shaped like burgers with the intention of interstellar travel it is vitally important that the hyperdrive system is fully maintained

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Star Wars, Top 10 Films,

Planes with steering wheels better suited to 18-wheelers are always, always, ALWAYS problematic

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Temple of Doom, Top 10 Films,

Only travel with snakes on planes when you have Samuel L. Jackson for company

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Top 10 Films,

Practice landing aircraft without fully operational wings in case your father forgets he’s James Bond and shoots the tail to pieces

Harrison Ford, Plane Crash, Last Crusade,  Top 10 Films,

Everyone at Top 10 Films wishes Harrison Ford a speedy recovery.

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  1. Avatar
    ArchE Reply

    Ha… he’s certainly had enough practice. Get well soon Harrison.

  2. Avatar
    Dietmarr Reply

    Like you, I’m sure he’ll be seeing the funny side as far as the latest reports suggest. Better to look on the brighter side of life I say. Get well soon Harrison.

  3. Avatar
    Judd Harris Reply

    I was far too distressed this morning hearing all the reports. I couldn’t believe it. So glad he’s gonna be okay.

  4. Avatar
    Paul H Reply

    Harrison! So much practice! 🙂 Get well soon!

  5. Avatar
    killinger Reply

    Very funny! If any Hollywood actor had it in him to successfully survive a malfunctioning plane, he’s the man.

  6. Avatar
    Callum Reply

    So glad to hear he’s going to be okay. The man seems to suck accidents towards him.

  7. Avatar
    Liam Greenhouse Reply

    Love the guy. Wish him a speedy recovery.

  8. Avatar
    CineCats Reply

    Echo those comments. Get well soon Harrison!

  9. Avatar
    Rachel Lee Reply

    get well soon han solo.

  10. Avatar
    Jainy Reply

    Funny stuff Top 10 Films, Harrison Ford has certainly enjoyed his fair share of peril in the movies.

  11. Avatar
    Rex Reply

    Ha! Hope Harrison recovers soon.

  12. Avatar
    Mex Reply

    Just glad he could land that plane somewhat safely!

  13. Avatar
    Barry Moore Reply

    Maybe it’s time he stops flying a 70 year old plane. Hope he gets well soon though.

  14. Avatar
    Detek Reply

    Instead of people being so gloomy about this it’s refreshing to see someone make light of a potentially very dark day. Good stuff and get well done Harrison!

  15. Avatar
    Alan p Reply

    Love the one about snakes on a plane.

  16. Avatar
    CineGirl Reply

    It scares me to think today’s top 10 could have been so different. I am, of course, so glad we can make light of a bad situation and I’m over the moon Ford made it out of the crash alive. I wish him well and hopefully his recovery won’t be too long drawn out. He’s a fighter though… Tough as nails. This made me smile though – thanks Top 10 Films.

  17. Avatar
    Rodney Reply

    The fact he survived make this hilarious.

    Nice work, Dan.

    I think Mr Ford would see the irony….

    • Avatar
      Dan Reply

      Just glad to hear his condition has been described as “Ok”. It could have been a solemn Hollywood tragedy but it is, I hope, now a irony I’m sure we’d all rather see the funny side of. That’s better than wallowing in fearful consideration of the terrible consequences of a more destructive crash – we’ve had too much of that recently.

  18. Avatar
    Harrison Fan Reply

    Hope he makes a full recovery.

  19. Avatar
    Barry Moore Reply

    Very funny top 10. I wish Ford well. Bet he’ll see the funny side now.

  20. Avatar
    Aces Reply

    He’s enjoyed a fair number of scrapes in his life on and off the screen. Great top 10.

  21. Avatar
    Alan Reply

    Saw a picture of the Millenniun Falcon parked, back-end first on a golf course but this was funnier! Thanks Top 10 Films.

  22. Avatar
    BowlingF Reply

    Brilliant. Great start to Monday!

  23. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Fantastic piece. Hope Ford makes a full recovery.

  24. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Wasn’t Anne Heche so hot back in the day?

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