Powerful Documentary “Erebus: Into The Unknown” Uncovers The Difficulties of Plane Crash Investigation

Erebus is a powerful, award winning documentary telling the story of four New Zealand police officers who went to Antarctica as part of the police operation to recover the victims of a jet crash.

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Calmly and confidently recounted by those still clearly affected (and indeed traumatised) by their ghastly experiences on the peaks of Mount Erebus, Erebus brings to life a serious tragedy from the past that continues to have such relevance amid today’s unfolding news headlines of more mysterious plane crashes in the recent months. If there are problems, it’s that the documentary seems too brief and quick in retelling the events and could have done with having more space for the drama and tension to unfold, plus the whole thing seems less cinematic and more televisual in its realisation, which leads to the question of whether you would call this a proper cinematic experience or something you would watch on the Discovery Channel. In the end, Erebus: Into the Unknown is a strong, if televisual, retelling of an important story that does right by the participants involved and needs to be told, even now in our day and age of recent air tragedies.

Top 10 Films - Three Stars - Erebus Into The Unknown

Written by Ryan Pollard

Erebus Into The Unknown, Documentary Films, Top 10 Films,Directed by: Charlotte Purdy
Written by: n/a
Starring: Tama Jarman, Andrew Munro, Niamh Peren
Released: 2014 / Genre: Documentary / Country: New Zealand
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Erebus: Into The Unknown was released on DVD & On Demand in the UK on the 12th of January.

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