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Top 10 Films is pleased to be able to giveaway John Boulting’s classic I’m Alright Jack starring Ian Carmichael, Peter Sellers, Terry-Thomas, Richard Attenborough. See below for entry details…

Competition has now closed.

I'm Alright Jack, Blu-rayThe highest grossing film at the UK box office in 1959, I’M ALRIGHT JACK was a rip-roaring and thought provoking satire, poking fun at the then-burning issue of industrial relations. Set in a missile factory, the film focuses on Stanley Windrush, an upper-class graduate who innocently accepts a job at his uncle Bettram Purcel’s (Dennis Price) factory. Unbeknownst to Stanley, his uncle has an agenda where he plans for his nephew to become the catalyst of a labour dispute, which his uncle hopes to profit from. Unfortunately for Bettram his plan backfires when his socialist employee Mr. Kite (Peter Sellers) takes advantage of the opportunity for his own gain.

An all time classic, that stands the test of time. A laugh-out-loud and ingenious comedy, it focuses on the contrast between the greedy and self-serving bosses who come to blows with trade unions officials to the detriment of the workforce – an issue that many can relate to in today’s society.

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CLOSING DATE: Jan 31st 2015

I’m Alright Jack is being re-released on digitally restored Blu-ray and DVD on 19th January

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