Films “On-The-Go” Review: Cromo NCX-100 Headphones

We test the brilliant noise cancelling NCX-100 headphones from Lindy, a great value product which packs a sonic punch while successfully eliminating outside noise clutter…

Cromo NCX-100It can’t be easy competing in the over-ear headphone market with the likes of global leaders Bose, trendsetters Beats by Dre or renowned specialists V-MODA. But UK-based Lindy is giving them a run for their money.

Established in Germany in 1932, this once small family business has grown from selling oil lamps and radios into a multinational group of companies with offices in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, the US, Australia, Taiwan and Japan. Now well established across the globe, Lindy supplies IT resellers, businesses, local authorities, schools, colleges and home users with high quality connection technology products. This can include the simplest USB cable to the most advanced KVM switches with anything from network cabling solutions to the latest HDTV accessories in between. The Lindy name has therefore rightly come to represent quality, choice and value for money.

Establishing a product range to cover an array of audio devices and accessories, Lindy has been turning heads recently. This has seen the company achieve awards from leading publications including What Hi-Fi, Computer Shopper and the Sunday Mirror which have cited the quality, range and affordability of Lindy’s headphone range.

Cromo NCX-100,

– Active noise cancelling with integrated amplifier and bass boost. Lindy’s most advanced noise cancelling headphones.
– Robust and lightweight modern design. 40mm high output drivers with neodymium magnets.
– Active noise cancellation using 4 microphones to remove up to 95% of external noise. Integrated 5 Watt amplifier with optional 10db bass boost.
– Auto power off in noise cancelling and bass modes. Battery bypass circuitry allows passive use without batteries.
– Supplied with a tough carry case, 1.4m removable audio cable with in-line mic, flight adapter and 6.3mm jack adapter.

We had the opportunity to test the Cromo NCX-100’s, a set of high-end noise cancelling with bass boost over-ear headphones. Built to last, great value for money, comfortable and providing premium sound reproduction, these headphones not only look the part but deliver the goods.

Their active noise cancelling capability works a treat. While it isn’t required for watching films in a quiet hotel room, the headphones really come into their own if you want to immerse yourself in a film or TV show while travelling on a busy train (if you can find a seat that is). The NCX-100’s comfortable cut out noisy background sounds while comfortably sitting against the ears and looking rather attractive while doing so. While they aren’t perhaps as aesthetically trendy as their Beats by Dre or V-MODA counterparts they still look good with their faded black plastic, soft leather ear cups and Ferrari red ring around the edge. They are also strongly built and quite light to carry around while the detachable wire makes ease-of-use and mobility even more efficient.

Adding to the enjoyment of owning these headphones is the additions of ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and “bass boost” mode (providing extra 10db of bass). These are powered by two AAA batteries which are placed inside the left ear cup. The NCX-100’s also have foldable hinges for ease-of-transport and come with a handy travel/safe-keeping case.

Cromo NCX-100The NCX-100’s biggest asset is its noise cancelling capability. It can be extremely awkward trying to watch a quite sequence in a film when there’s a lot of outside noise detracting or drowning out the sound you really want to hear. That’s where these headphones come into their own. A quick test without the addition of ANC shows that the leather-clad ear cups sit solidly against the ear dramatically eliminating a lot of background sound even without the addition of music or sound from the speakers themselves. With the addition of ANC and bass boost, background noise is almost completely shut out allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the film or music. I did notice the ear cups press against the head firmly which can be a little uncomfortable at first but you’ll quickly get used to it.

Now, in terms of film viewing I found the additions of ANC and bass boost offered nothing to film. In fact, I much preferred to have these turned off. The good thing about them is that if you are required to add that extra little digital boost to eliminate outside noise, you have the capability. In a quiet room, stick with the headphones as they are – without added technological clutter. That said, music is enhanced by the addition of the bass, so it depends on what you’re listening to.

Overall, these are excellent headphones. Sound production is excellent and with the noise cancelling capability of the NCX-100’s they are ideal for use when travelling on busy commuter routes on trains and buses. The price is also great value for what you get – headphones that will last, and ones that deliver the sort of quality sound you desire.


Written by Rory Fish

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Rory Fish has loved movies since he can remember. If he was to put together an "all time" top 10 of absolute favourites it would have to include North By Northwest, 12 Angry Men and Sunset Boulevard.

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    I have these headphones and they are awesome. The noise cancelling capability is great and the enhanced bass really adds to the sound experience. I highly recommend them.

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