Films “On-The-Go” Review: Lindy WHF-45 Wireless Headphones

In our latest review for our films on-the-go series, we check out the Lindy WHF-45 wireless headphones. These over-ear headphones offer a great sound at an affordable price.

Films On-The-Go: Lindy WHF-45 Wireless HeadphonesThe Lindy WHF-45s are the latest wireless headphones we’ve tried here at Top 10 Films and they are impressive. Comfortable to wear, strongly built and capable of producing a full-bodied sound, these headphones will bring the diverse qualities of a movie soundtrack alive without the need for unsightly wires.

The first thing you have to do with any wireless technology is see how far you can get away from the transmitter before it stops working. Believe it or not but I couldn’t get far enough away. According to the box, the Lindy’s will happily transmit up to 50 metres away – and I’m not going to argue with that!

– 2.4GHz wireless technology for transmission distances of up to 50m
– comfortable and lightweight design
– high quality 30mm drivers provide high audio performance
– can be used with a range of devices
– transmitter unit features a built-in USB DAC to allow you to listen to audio from your PC via USB
– up to 10 hours use on AAA batteries

These headphones provided clear, crisp sound in front of the TV where I was watching that rubbish Hulk film with Eric Bana, and, after spending a penny on the toilet upstairs, I could still hear the green fella roaring at a group of soldiers with automatic weapons and rocket launchers. There was no noticeable loss in quality. That’s the sign of a good product, if you ask me.

The 2.4GHz wireless technology allows you to listen to your music source – whether that’s a film, music from an iPad or mp3 player, or Coronation Street without the need for unsightly wires (that you can trip over and break a toe if you’re anything like me). Easy to set up and comfortable to wear, the headphones benefit from quality 30mm drivers which provide an audio performance that really packs a punch. Adding to this is the built-in USB DAC which means you can also listen to audio from your PC via USB.

One of the great things about the Lindy’s is that they are reasonably priced. You should find these at under £60. For that, you get quite a lot – not just great audio. In the box you’ll find the headphones, wireless transmitter, a multi-country USB power supply, a 3.5mm stereo audio cable and USB cable, as well as a phono to 3.5mm adapter.

The Lindy’s will also quite happily connect to devices without Bluetooth which is crucial since many amps and DVD/Blu-ray players don’t automatically output this way. Bear in mind the headphones don’t come with batteries – they need AAA. I’d suggest getting rechargeable batteries.

The Lindy’s are well-worth picking up if you want wireless headphones. They come with everything you need (apart from batteries) and will provide the audio quality you need when watching a film on-the-go.

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