Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies Ever

There’s so much Christmas cheer about. It isn’t surprising as it is the festive holiday season! But here’s 10 films that didn’t do Christmas justice…

Christmas may be a time of seasons giving and goodwill to all, but it can be a time cinema dishes out some of the worst movies of the year, as demonstrated by the recent gargantuan festive stinker Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey? Want more proof? Well, here’s my WORST Christmas movies ever!

10. Christmas with the Kranks (Joe Roth, 2004)

Christmas with the KranksA witless and charmless experience that’s as enjoyable as last year’s fruitcake, Christmas with the Kranks stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as two “Krank”-y parents. Honestly now…

9. Deck the Halls (John Whitesell, 2006)

Deck the Halls, Danny DeVito, Matthew Broderick,A complete flop in every sense of the word, and it’s really easy to see why. It has Matthew Broderick trying to stop Danny Devito from decorating his house and having it seen from outer space. What? Really!?

8. Four Christmases (Seth Gordon, 2008)

Four Christmasses, Vince Vaughan, Reese Witherspoon,A clichéd and hackneyed vacuum of a film that has Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon attempting to visit all four divorced parents over Christmas. Laughing already…

7. The Family Stone (Thomas Bezucha, 2005)

The Family Stone, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker stars in a drama about an uptight control freak visiting her partner’s chaotic family, ranging from Diane Keaton to Dermot Mulroney. Yes, it’s that funny…

6. Jack Frost (Troy Miller, 1998)

Jack Frost, Michael KeatonA knuckle-chewing schmaltz-fest in which the moral of the story is that, in the end, snow dad is better than no dad. Er, no it isn’t.

5. Fred Claus (David Dobkin, 2006)

Fred Claus, Vince Vaughan,Vince Vaughn stars as Santa Claus’ grumpy brother. So, that’s two Christmases Vince Vaughn has spoiled. Ho-hum…

4. The Holiday (Nancy Meyers, 2006)

Cameron Diaz in the bath barefoot, The HolidayA ghastly Love Actually knock-off where England and America swaps Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Can we have Kate Winslet back, please?

3. The Santa Clause (Joe Pasquin, 1994)

The Santa Clause, Tim AllenAn add-insult-to-injury comedy in which a man mutates into Father Christmas. It’s Miracle on 34th Street meets The Fly… with Tim Allen.

2. Jingle All the Way (Brian Levant, 1996)

Jingle All The Way, Arnold Schwarzenegger,One of those films that completely personifies what’s evil and corrupting about Hollywood Christmas movies, Jingle All the Way stars Arnie “I’ll be back” Schwarzenegger in a crassly consumerist movie about the crass consumerism of Christmas. Just shoot me now…

1. Santa Claus: The Movie (Jeannot Szwarc, 1985)

Santa Claus, The MovieThe abomination that caused the entire nightmarish entourage of vacuous Christmas to happen, Santa Claus: The Movie is a monumental train-wreck of a movie with no redeeming features whatsoever, not even the great John Lithgow as the hateful villain of the piece. Honestly, everyone involved in that film, including Dudley Moore and John Lithgow, has a lot to answer for, and furthermore, they should be thoroughly ashamed with themselves.

Written and compiled by Ryan Pollard

So, that’s my list, but what about yours? What are your worst Christmas movies of all time? Let us know.

About the Author
Ryan Pollard is a former student of Animation at the University of Huddersfield.

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  1. Avatar
    James Reply

    I’ve got fond memories of Santa Claus: The Movie. Not a great Christmas film but it has a certain charm.

    • Avatar
      Andrew F Reply

      …an eighties charm. I like it too.

  2. Avatar
    T Reply

    Quite like The Santa Clause, thought it was a nice play on the old tradition.

  3. Avatar
    Callum Reply

    Ba humbug! Jingle all the Way is definitely rubbish but I’d give Santa Claus The Movie a break. Four Christmasses, Kranks, Deck the Halls – all a waste of time.

  4. Avatar
    Andrew F Reply

    Jingle all the Way would be my number one from this lot but there have been loads of bad Christmas movies.

  5. Avatar
    ArchE Reply

    Jingle all the Way is frightening… Frightening it’s so repulsive! Nice list.

  6. Avatar
    Francis Reply

    Santa Claus the movie is one of my favourites.

  7. Avatar
    Theo gregson Reply

    I’ll admit it, I enjoyed four Christmasses, actually watched it again today.

  8. Avatar
    Paul Green Reply

    Decks the Halls was a disappointment because I liked the cast. Same with the Kranks. If these had been made in the 80s or early 90s they’d be classics.

  9. Avatar
    Kim Reply

    Unfortunately I watched a few of these this Christmas. Kranks is really, really terrible.

  10. Avatar
    Evan Crean Reply

    I’ve seen a few of the movies on this list, but not all of them thankfully. The only movie I truly take issue with is The Santa Clause. I think it’s a cute movie that’s enjoyable to watch, definitely not the worst ever. Four Christmases is meh and Jingle All the Way is bad, although for me that one is awesomely bad so it’s great to watch for a laugh. I crack up when Arnold gets pissed at Phil Hartman for “eating his kookies.”

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