Films “On-The-Go” Review: Jabra Rox Wireless Earphones

The Jabra Rox wireless earphones off plenty of power and a sleek, stylish design but does comfort level match their ability to deliver the goods? Top 10 Films finds out…

Jabra Rox earphones,

We live in a fast-paced world where technology rules the roost; it has, in many ways, taken over our lives. Think about Facebook, form example, or Twitter, and consider how important these social networks are in your communication with the outside world. Now consider your means to interact with this “connected” medium – a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. We have less and less time to sit down and simply relax with the technology switched off. How many times do you switch on the TV to watch your favourite programme with your phone in one hand, surreptitiously Facebook spying on your friends and family?

Jabra Rox wireless earphonesSo our connected world and our reliance on technology becomes a conduit to the things we once enjoyed before mobile telephones and, indeed, the internet. Films, for one, are now viewed in different ways and by different means. Sitting on a train watching Iron Man 3 on a iPad is not uncommon, neither is handing around a smartphone to friends depicting the latest public humiliation on a two-minute YouTube video and regretfully sniggering at someone else’s misfortune.

So how do we watch films on-the-go? How do we recreate that cinematic experience on the smallest of screens? Well, with technology moving at such a pace we now have fantastic portable Bluetooth speakers that can be carried around while travelling and deliver those sweet bass notes we love about a fantastic movie soundtrack. There’s also some great headphones on the market that, by completely drowning out the outside world, provide a fully immersive sound experience that wonderfully draws you into a film. It’s a sound experience with the best headphones that you genuinely didn’t think possible outside the cinema.

– Go wireless – Rox Wireless lets you control your playlists and calls straight from in-line controls
– Small and lightweight – revel in your music and chat for longer in total comfort
– Exclusive Jabra Sound App – experience your world in high-definition Dolby Digital Plus sound

This brings me to the Jabra Rox wireless earphones, a set of robustly built in-ear speakers for those that like their personal music discreet and their sound response as alive as the summer sun. Featuring a wire that neatly fits around the neck and magnetic earphones, that age-old problem of tangled wires is no more.

The Rox earphones are Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and so paired very easily with both an android device and iPhone. You’ll get about five hours of power out of them from an approximately two-and-a-half hour charge. Sound production is pleasing if not mind-blowing. Bass levels are solid but equally not as earth-shattering as some of the Rox’s competitors (ie. LG Tone Ultra) but the earphones do benefit from a “big” sound with little distortion at the higher listening levels. There is also a good balance between the deeper bass notes and the mid and high tones. This is especially important when music and dialogue, or dialogue and heavy action sequences are taking place at the same time. This makes the Rox ideal for movie watching as there isn’t a preoccupation with musical bass to muddy the sound stage.

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The problem which afflicts in-ear personal speakers is the issue of comfort and practicality. The Rox come with an array of silicone ear-tips in various sizes and three sets of ear cushions with stabilising fins in order to make them comfortable for all ears. However, you’ll still have to fiddle around with them to get the best fit and for some there’s no ideal solution. The sheer weight of the earphones, which isn’t substantial in general terms, when placed precariously in the ear can become problematic. Indeed, if the earphones aren’t correctly positioned in the ear then bass levels can be affected, negatively impacting on the overall sound.

Once you’ve found a comfortable fit (which not everyone will), the Rox do the job they’ve been tasked with. They’re pleasing on the eye, well-built, and produce a balanced sound that, while not wowing the senses, is balanced across the tonal spectrum making them ideal for film-watching (if in-ear personal headphones are what you’re after).

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