Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford

Screen siren Joan Crawford’s extraordinary 45-year career encompasses some 80 motion pictures. Nia Jones checks out the actress’s best performances from Mildred Pierce to What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

10. Our Dancing Daughters (Beaumont, 1928)

Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford -Our Dancing DaughtersJoan’s breakout film, Crawford is sizzling and wildly liberated as the young Diana, one of three flapper-Jazz-age girls who are finding their way in society. Hailing from the silent era Our Dancing Daughters has a charming musical score to go along with its lively parties and dance scenes.

9. Strait-Jacket (Castle, 1964)

Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford - Strait JacketJoan gives a terrific blood-chilling performance in this thriller from gimmick horror movie pioneer producer William Castle. A fun and camp murder mystery, she plays Lucy Harbin, a woman who goes insane when she finds her husband in bed with another woman; she ends up in an asylum for twenty years.

8. Johnny Guitar (Ray, 1954)

Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford - Johnny GuitarConsidered now to be a camp 1950s McCarthy-era western cult classic, Joan plays Vienna, a brash gun-slinging frontier woman you wouldn’t want to mess with in small town Arizona. This ex-saloon harlot sets up a gambling joint alongside the building of the railroad and stands off against her nemesis.

7. Dancing Lady (Leonard, 1933)

Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford - Dancing LadyA conventional Depression-era backstage romp, Joan plays Janie Barlow, a Manhattan burlesque show girl determined to succeed at all costs. Playing opposite Clark Gable and Franchot Tone (who became Crawford’s 2nd husband), the film offers wonderful and colourful musical numbers, and introduces Fred Astaire to the movie world along with The Three Stooges.

6. The Women (Cukor, 1939)

Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford - The Women (1939)Crawford plays “the other woman” and she is immensely entertaining. A noteworthy film, which was very daring for 1939, as the cast is all female. The Women has an excellent screenplay with slick dialogue, George Cukor was known as a “woman’s director” and gets the best performances from the cast.

5. Grand Hotel (Goulding, 1932)

Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford - Grand HotelJoan plays the sexy stenographer at the Grand Hotel in Berlin, a film which also starred many great actors of the era. The ground-breaking film with its intertwining stories was the first of its kind; Joan gives a stellar performance as she moves up her ladder of successes.

4. Possessed (Bernhardt, 1947)

Joan Crawford in 1947 film PossessedPossessed still holds up well as one of the best Joan Crawford’s movies. A truly suspenseful plot that follows Joan as Louise, who is obsessed with the charmer David and is driven to insanity by having to see him with her daughter in law, Louise’s descent to madness is quite believable.

3. Humoresque (Negulesco, 1946)

Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford - HumoresqueIn this moody melodrama, Joan is wonderful as the glamorous, yet self-doubting alcoholic arts patron Helen, who underwrites the talented violinist Paul Boray’s big break. A strong woman with a vulnerability you don’t immediately see, her doomed love affair with Boray ensures a very dramatic, musically pleasing and watchable film.

2. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (Aldrich, 1962)

Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford - Whatever Happened to Baby JaneThe film has superb plot and a well written script, two aged fame-faded sisters live isolated in their tinsel town home. Old rivalries bubble over into madness when Jane (Davis) puts the wheelchair bound Blanche (Crawford) through torment by keeping her prisoner – A superb showcase for two rival veteran actresses.

1. Mildred Pierce (Curtiz, 1945)

Top 10 Films of Joan Crawford - Mildred PierceThe film recounts the story of divorcee and devoted mother Mildred who works her way to independent financial success to provide everything for her two daughters Veda and Kay. A film noir classic; Joan plays Mildred’s heartbreak and struggles with an earthy grace, winning Joan the 1946 Best Actress Oscar.

Written and compiled by Nia Jones.

What are your favourite films or performances of Joan Crawford?

About the Author
Nia Jones is a writer, playwright, journalist, fortean, film fan & assistant editor of The Spooky Isles

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  1. Avatar
    The Blakk Samurai Reply

    Mildred Pierce,Whatever Happened To Baby Jane and Trog. Kidding! Trog was godawful! Lol!

  2. Avatar
    Sherry Reply

    Mildred Pierce

  3. Avatar
    Mike Hodgson Reply


  4. Avatar
    Raoul Duke Reply

    Trog, short for Troglodyte. One of my favs from childhood. Right up there with War of the Gargantuans

  5. Avatar
    Eric Karell Reply

    non-horror-TheWomen, horror-Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

  6. Avatar
    AxeGrrl Reply

    Turn volume down if u watch BERSERK ~ the constant jingle/clang of Joan’s clunky jewelry will drive u…berserk:)

  7. Avatar
    Carlos C. Reply

    All are great choices. I would add “Possessed” (1931): an interesting Pre-Code film. As well as, “Sudden Fear” (1952).

  8. Avatar
    ArchE Reply

    A magnetic talent! I love that you’ve included Possessed, a personal favourite of mine.

  9. Avatar
    Wendy Reply

    Anything with Clark Gable. Dancing Lady, Possessed etc.

  10. Avatar
    steve schweighofer Reply

    Our Dancing Daughters was the most fun

  11. Avatar
    ross Reply

    Daisy Kenyon

  12. Avatar
    penny dreadful Reply

    The Women

  13. Avatar
    Rodney Reply

    I have not seen any of these.

    *Hangs head in shame*

  14. Avatar
    Neal Damiano Reply

    Whatever Happened To Baby Jane what a tormenting & intense film…

  15. Avatar
    Keith Reply

    Without a doubt, Mildred Pierce. I so love that film.

  16. Avatar
    Rebecca Reply

    The earlier Possessed with Gable, A Woman’s Face, Rain, Chained and Love on the Run (also with Gable.)
    Sudden Fear is one of her best.
    Glad you included DO Selznick’s Dancing Lady!
    Overall, very good list. Humoresque doesn’t make my top ten but not on account of Joan but because of Garfield. Terribly miscast in this one. Plus the “hands” playing the violin are just weird. Garfield is annoying here to the point of distraction for me. But Joan delivers.

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