Sin City 2 is Nearly Upon Us

Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller return to the world of Sin City to bring us the sequel to 2005’s critically acclaimed neo-noir. The film arrives in UK cinemas August 25th…

American poster for Sin City 2

American poster for Sin City 2

Director Robert Rodriguez and creator Frank Miller are back with Sin City 2. A sequel to 2005’s critically acclaimed neo-noir thriller, this stylised audience favourite sees many of the original cast return including Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson and Powers Boothe. Excitingly, the returning cast are supported by an array of talented Hollywood greats such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ray Liotta, Eva Green, Josh Brolin, Dennis Haysbert and Christopher Lloyd. The plot for the new film is drawn from Miller’s A Dame to Kill For comic book series first published by Dark Horse in 1993.

Miller joins Rodriguez in the director’s chair as the pair once again bring the visual nuances of the comics to the cinematic stage through the use of a digital backlot allowing for computer-generated imagery to be added in post-production. This process means much of the acting is done in front of a green screen with only a small number of physical sets built.

Like the first film, Sin City 2 follows a variety of characters in various story strands with most of the plot taken from Miller’s second book in the Sin City series. With Rodriguez adding a few creative touches to the story as well as co-writer William Monahan, the film also draws inspiration from Miller’s sixth book in the series while two brand new stories were written by him exclusively for the film.


Across four main story strands, Sin City 2 (also know as Sin City: A Dame To Kill For), begins with Josh Brolin’s love-struck Dwight McCarthy getting drawn into the sinister plot of beautiful Ava Lord (Eva Green) to escape her abusive husband. This is followed by Mickey Rourke’s Marv trying to piece together why he has just regained consciousness surrounded by young dead men before a confident gambler named Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) seeks revenge on Sin City’s Senator Roark (Powers Booothe) for permanently scarring him in a brutal attack. In the film’s fourth story strand, Senator Roark is again the target as a now grieving Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) teams up with Marv to hunt Roark down and avenge her former lover Hartigan.

After thoroughly enjoying Sin City, there has been an eagerness amongst fans of the film for a sequel. I’d certainly include myself in this group. Sin City 2’s original release date was the end of summer 2013 but Rodriguez has since said that the film was always intended for a 2014 theatrical run and that the 2013 date was only set to hold an opening for his previous effort Machete Kills. Let us hope the delay isn’t an indication of Sin City 2 lacking the glue to hold it all together. I, for one, am excited!

Sin City 2 will be released in UK cinemas August 25th. You can watch the trailer below…

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