As Funny as a Punch in the Face, “The Hooligan Factory” is an Absolute Stinker

Football might be a “funny old game” but you wouldn’t know that from Nick Nevern’s pointless hooligan spoof. Ryan Pollard checks out the mess…

Hooligan-Factory_blu-ray-coverThe Hooligan Factory is, not only just unfunny, but an absolute stinker. We’ve had so many cockney geezer-gangster movies in the past, like Nick Love’s leery Football Factory, that it’s now just an easier opportunity to just ridicule them. Though there are many apprehensions about the need for a film like this that would be completely irrelevant had the film actually been genuinely funny, yet it completely falls flat on its own face. The jokes are incredibly elementary and somewhat cheap, and as such you can’t help but search for the faults within them. Offensive humour can be hilarious if intelligent and witty, but this just isn’t. Also, the film is somewhat genuinely chauvinistic, as well as completely misogynistic, for the way it looks at the female characters, which are portrayed as glamour models, screeching wives or strippers. For example, there’s a lazy cameo from TOWIE’s Chloe Sims, and the way it’s handled is completely crass and misguided. Plus, at the beginning of the film, there was a smug, gurning cameo by the “infamous” Danny Dyer, which just filled me with unhappiness.


Of course, when it comes to parodies, it’s deliberately supposed to be riffing on other films that came before, but that’s no excuse for a film that struggles to find its own identity. There’s clearly an attempt at being stylistic in parts, like the revolving shot when we’re introduced to the members of the firm (just an excuse to give people silly Guy Ritchie-esque names, really), but it’s never original in any way at all, and the sharp editing techniques are completely ripped off Edgar Wright’s work. All the time watching, all that sprung into mind was, “I wish I was watching Cockneys vs. Zombies” or “Why aren’t I watching Cockneys vs. Zombies?”

It’s not as hateful or as repugnant as Lexi Alexander’s Green Street or Guy Ritchie’s Revolver, which were horrible, soul-crushing disasters; but The Hooligan Factory is not funny, interesting or engaging at all.


Written by Ryan Pollard

Hooligan-Factory_blu-ray-coverDirected by: Nick Nevern
Written by: Michael Lindley, Nick Nevern
Starring: Jason Maza, Nick Nevern, Tom Burke

Released: 2014 / Genre: Comedy / Country: UK / IMDB

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