Iconic Images: Back To The Future (1985)

The moment we realise that time-travel might be possible. Doc Brown makes his flux-capacitor-modified, plutonium-powered DeLorean disappear before Marty McFly’s eyes…


I’m not ashamed to admit Back To The Future is the most featured film on Top 10 Films! It is undoubtedly one of my favourite movies and has been since I was about 7! Its mixture of adventure and comedy is perfectly served with nuanced nostalgia, a warm heart and a selection of some of the 1980s most lovable characters (including one of its great villains in Biff Tannen!). Unsurprisingly, it has featured in many of my top 10 lists including top 10s for director Robert Zemeckis and actor Michael J. Fox and best films produced by Steven Spielberg. It unsurprisingly tops my list of the best science-fiction films for children and features in my “Make Me Happy” list of favourite 1980s feel-good movies.

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    …can’t get enough of Back to the Future. The best there is!

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