Great Film Posters: The Goonies (1985)

Nostalgia might rose-tint my appreciation of Richard Donner’s incredible teen adventure The Goonies but few can argue against the delightful satisfaction of watching this 1980s gem…

This is one of my favourite posters of all time. I love how it depicts the “Goonies” in peril but balances their predicament with a sense of togetherness and camaraderie as each one clings to the other for survival. We get a real sense of the adventure they will go on in the movie as well as the friendship that holds them together. It is also another example of the brilliant work of master poster-maker Drew Struzan who uses airbrushed acrylics to design his posters with coloured pencil to complete the finer details. It gives his work a unique texture that mixes realism with the magical qualities of cartoon.


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    Interesting sign of the times when a film starring Josh Brolin doesn’t mention his name on the poster, despite the fact he has a leading role …..

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