Iconic Images: Psycho (1960)

There are a number of images one can extract from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller Psycho but perhaps none are as enigmatically shocking as this silhouette of a female figure…


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    Mark Reply

    Don’t wanna appear argumentative here, but my favourite image from this film is at the very, very end when Norman is sitting alone in the prison cell, and he looks up at the camera and smiles – somehow Hitchcock gives him an extra set of teeth. Looks kinda simeon. Only lasts a second or three, but quite an inspired moment of trickery given it was made in 1960.

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      Dan Reply

      I’d won’t disagree with you there. It’s a haunting image. I was trying to pick one away from the classic images associated with Psycho – Janet Leigh’s hand up to protect herself and the scream, and Norman Bates’ mother’s decomposing corpse. I hardly picked a unique scene to choose but this glimpse of the attacker has always got under my skin.

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    Caitlin Reply

    I’ve always loved this film – I couldn’t care less about any of the endless new horror movies that are released, nothing manages to scare me more than Hitchcock classics.

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    Nostra Reply

    Iconic image indeed. That whole scene is of course filled with classic ones…the knife, the water and blood flowing. It’s been a while since I last saw this…

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