Top 10 Sharpest Dressed Villains

Sometimes being nasty is not the only thing a villain needs to distinguish himself. Take these 10 bad guys whose fashion sense is as sharp as their deadly intent.

10. Hans Gruber from Die Hard (Alan Rickman)

Hans Gruber is another one from the brand of villain that’s always smartly dressed whatever the situation. Often voted as one of the top villains of all time this list wouldn’t be complete without him.

9. Castor Troy from Face-Off (Nicholas Cage/John Travolta)

Castor Troy has a penchant for silk shirts, velvet suits and gold plated Desert Eagles. Maybe not a particularly stylish combo, but perhaps one of the sharpest dressed.

8. Michael Corleone from The Godfather (Al Pacino)

In this top ten list we just can’t get enough of gangsters. 50s crime-lord, Michael Corleone is suave and equally as well dressed as our other gangster villains.

7. Mr Blonde from Reservoir Dogs (Michael Madsen)

The suits for Reservoir Dogs were bought in a second hand store, so there are no designer labels here. But it’s still a well-fitting, smart suit and skinny tie combo which looks pretty sharp, especially with those shades.

6. Al Capone from the Untouchables (Robert De Niro)

Gangster number 2 – Al Capone’s misdeeds started in the early 20s, so same costume, slightly different era!

5. Magneto from X-Men (Ian McKellan)

With his smart grey suit and matching cape, Magneto doesn’t do dressed down days. Of all of the super hero villains he is arguably the sharpest dressed – and no spandex in sight!

4. Calvin Candie from Django Unchained (Leonardo DiCaprio)

A newcomer in the world of villains, Calvin Candie has a well-deserved place on this list. Inspired by Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind, Candie is impeccably dressed in a burgundy suit, with a decorative waistcoat and cravat – a cigarette holder giving a finishing touch to the look.

3. John Dillinger from Public Enemies (Johnny Depp)

You can’t have a top 10 best dressed villains list without a gangster or two. And no list would be complete without Mr Depp. The 30s are one of the most stylish eras to depict in film, with the pinstripe three piece suits, the sharp shirts and ties and the infamous trilbies. They don’t make gangsters like they used to.

2. Agent Smith from the Matrix Trilogy (Hugo Weaving)

With his fitted dark green suit, matching tie and dark glasses, Agent Smith makes it into the top ten for his ability to stay sharp. Throughout the Matrix trilogy and the number of fight scenes, he never loses composure. His tie is always straight and his glasses are rarely off.

1. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho (Christian Bale)

Patrick Bateman makes this list for his vanity and obsession with his appearance. With a wardrobe filled with designer labels, Bateman is obsessively well groomed and wouldn’t be seen in anything other than the latest fashion.

Who are your best dressed villains?

Written and compiled by Sarah Leeds.

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  1. Avatar
    ruth Reply

    LOVE this list! First one that came to mind is Hans Gruber, then Castor Troy. Nice to see both of ’em in here! One of my fave scenes in Face/Off is when John Woo did a slo mo of Troy as he’s about to board on the plane, his long suit jacket blowing in the wind revealing his two golden guns on the back of his waist. And Patrick Bateman is one irresistible psycho!

  2. Avatar
    ruth Reply

    Btw Sarah, I LOVE Asos! Very fitting that you did a post on fashion in movies, lots of these men wear them well. Btw, Michael Fassbender’s Magneto is a sharp dresser as well. Case in point:

  3. Avatar
    Mark Reply

    Others ….

    (1) Chris Walken in The King of New York

    (2) De Niro in Angel Heart

    (3) Henry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in the West

    (4) Tony Hopkins in Nixon

  4. Avatar
    Evan Crean Reply

    Patrick Bateman is the undisputed king of this list. To say he grooms and styles himself obsessively would be an understatement. Surprised you guys didn’t reference Gruber’s line in Die Hard to Takagi “Nice suit. John Phillips, London. I have two myself. Rumor has it Arafat buys his there.” The only oddball on this list for me is Magneto, who I never felt was sharply dressed. Love your inclusion of Mr. Blonde, Castor Troy, and Calvin Candie.

  5. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Very cool list. I too think DeNiro from Angel Heart could make the list, but how can you argue with the villians on this one. Gruber, Smith and the rest are great choices.

  6. Avatar
    Jack Deth Reply

    Hi, Sarah and company:

    Excellent list of well attired bad guys!

    Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman is the most obsessive.

    Allan Rickman’s Hans Gruber pulls it off with the most style and elan.

    Heath Ledger’s Joker add a bit of colorful panache.

    De Niro’s Al Capone still lets you see the uncultured slob beneath those fine, expensive threads.

    Still love the slow rolling close up of Pacino’s Michael Corleone as he explains how he is going to take care of Sollozzo and Capt. McCluskey.

    Honorable Mention:

    A.J. Freeman’s fastidious Eddie Dane in ‘Miller’s Crossing’.

  7. Avatar
    Pete Reply

    Nice list! If bad guys mostly wear suits then that should be enough of an excuse for me to never have to wear one again. I guess Vader doesn’t fit on here very well but I think that’s some pretty cool attire.

  8. Avatar
    Sarah Reply

    Thank you all for your feedback, it’s always good to know who other people would choose 🙂 I know it’s prompted a few debates with friends!
    Ruth, perhaps I should have chosen Michael Fassbender instead of Ian McKellan!

  9. Avatar
    Alex Withrow Reply

    Castor Troy! I loved that man’s get-up.

    Madsen really wears that Dogs suit the best, doesn’t he?

    LOVE your top pick. That’s inarguable right there.

  10. Avatar
    Helena Reply

    Very interesting list. Mr Blonde and Patrick Bateman would be the top of my list too. But one is missing: Loki. Of course, his Asgardian look cannot be taken into consideration for this list 🙂 but why not the scene when he is dressed in very Midgardian style 🙂

  11. Avatar
    victor Reply

    i think agent smith should have been on the top list

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