Hit Film 2 brings Hollywood FX to Low Budget Independent Filmmakers

FXhome, a UK based software developer, releases editing and visual effects package HitFilm 2 which brings the FX of Hollywood blockbusters to independent low budget filmmakers.

Called “sophisticated and hugely inspiring”, Hit Film 2 is a “must for ambitious filmmakers”. UK based software developer FXhome has created this new editing and visual effects package for filmmakers on low budgets. The dynamic software allows independent and non-professional filmmakers access to Hollywood-like visual effects. To celebrate the launch of the latest software, FXhome has created a promotional video that represents the potential of HitFilm 2.

FXhome’s promo film was made using the software, highlighting its diverse features even when working to very tight budgets. All the post-production you see in the film was created in HitFilm 2, exampling in practice what can be done with the program.

Tom McLoughlin, FXhome’s Marketing Manager, said the video was made “the same way our HitFilm users around the world work – with a small budget and crew and lots of creativity.” He adds, “The video captures the core vision of the HitFilm project, which is to create a hugely powerful toolkit for all filmmakers with all post-production completed in HitFilm 2 itself.”

The film sees a group of characters conceiving of ideas for films that then become reality. The first person dreams up a rooftop battle where she plays the damsel-in-distress. Film director Martin Swift and his DoP Jake Scott have a squad of military commandoes firing round after round at a rogue helicopter hovering above them. Another character concocts a quiet countryside setting where the serenity is broken by an alien spacecraft landing in front of them.

All visual effects were created within HitFilm 2 with principle photography taking place in London and the east of England across two shooting days. Due to the dynamic ideas of the film, FXhome’s visual effects artists had to push the software further than it had ever gone before. The UFO and helicopter sequences were composited entirely within HitFilm 2 Ultimate using its new 3D capabilities. In aiming big, the real potential of the software is presented in all its glory.

Find out more at the HitFilm 2 website while watch a demo of HitFilm Ultimate here.

See the HitFilm 2 promo video below:

Sponsored by Hitfilm

Written and compiled by Daniel Stephens.

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