Top 10 Dumbest Friday The 13th Moments

Friday the 13th is a quintessential slasher film that spawned endless sequels that got dumber and dumber. Dan Grant takes a look at the franchise’s silliest, funniest, dumbest moments.

Jason Voorhees is up there with the most iconic serial killers in the slasher genre. Alongside Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Michael Myers (Halloween), Jason is one of the most memorable bad guys in modern horror film history. With the hockey mask to hide his scarred face, a mighty six foot five frame, and a sharp, bladed weapon in hand, his presence is an instant nerve jangler.

However, as the Friday the 13th franchise spawned more sequels, things got sillier and sillier. It turns out that while Jason might be scary, the films that tell his stories are often hilariously stupid. Dan Grant, a self-confessed devotee to the franchise, recalls his favourite “dumb” moments from a series that threw plot consistency and logic well and truly out the window.

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10. “I hate swimming unless there’s prey on the lake…”

In part IV, Sam is killed after she strips naked and swims out to a rubber dingy. This is in the middle of the lake. She is killed by Jason’s machete. This means Jason swam out to kill her. Jason wasn’t a good swimmer as mentioned by his mom and drowning was how he initially died. Why would he swim out to kill anyone?

9. Swimming with the fishes

At the end of Friday the 13th Part VI, Jason has hit neck cut wide open by a propeller and then he is left to die at the bottom of Crystal Lake. I know that Tommy says that for Jason to be killed he has to return to the place that initially killed him, the lake. But in part VII, he is still there. No one has found him while fishing, or swimming or boating. There is just a dead man in a hockey mask resting about two feet under the water, anchored down by rock. Does no one live in Crystal Lake?

8. Campfire plot holes

In part 3, when Chris and Rick are talking by themselves after he leaves because of Shelly getting his window broken, she tells him a story of being attacked by a hideous looking man in the middle of the woods. This of course is Jason, but she tells of trying to get away from Jason, being in his grasp, blacking out and then waking up in her bed. This is impossible also and it is another brilliant turn from the scriptwriters. What did Jason do? Have her in his grasp, watch her pass out, and then let her go because he no longer wanted to kill her? And then did he carry her to her home, knock on the door and give her back to her dad?

7. Calling out for help…or not as the case may be

It seems like Part 3 is ripe for criticism. Strangely enough it is one of my favourite episodes but it is just so inept at times. There is a scene where Rick gets his eyeball squeezed out of his socket and it jumps out at the audience in glorious 3D. 30 seconds before that he is being held by Jason just out of sight from Chris. Jason has his hand over his mouth. Rick can’t seem to scream or make any noise. Chris is about two feet away from him so all he would have to do is make the slightest sound and she would have heard him. But the director (Steve Miner) would have you believe that if you cover someone’s mouth with your hand, they can make no sound. Go ahead and try it. Cover your mouth and then try to scream. See what kind of noise comes out.

6. Jason – say “Cheese!”

In Friday the 13th The Final Chapter, Rob, the Jason hunter, shows Trish all his news clippings that he has of the Crystal Lake murders. Many of the clippings are interesting but there is one that shows Jason face to face. He even has his machete raised, although you can’t really see it. The question is, who took that picture? And why did Jason let them get a close up of him? If you see Jason, you die. He doesn’t pose for pictures.

5. Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Jason Voorhees…floating!

In Part IV, Jason kills Tina, one of the twins, by pulling her out of a 2nd story window. Two things. One, how did he get there as her and Jimbo just finished having sex in that bedroom, so he couldn’t have snuck in and then let himself out onto the overhang. And two, there is no overhang. If you watch the scene, it literally looks like he is suspended in mid air.

4. Magic Jason

In Part 2, Alice is the only surviving member from the first. She is back at home in the middle of the city somewhere. She is then killed by Jason. How did he know where she lives and how did he get there?

3. Character holes and plot holes

In Friday the 13th part V, the New Beginning, Roy, the paramedic, becomes Jason. Roy too is about 5’9 and he is a little chunky. But I’m willing to ignore that. Maybe he wore a slimming suit when he donned the mask. Maybe he wore really big boots to make him taller. All of this is possible. What isn’t possible is that Roy, the very much alive and very much normal human being, cannot shatter wooden doors, he cannot take a machete to the chest and he cannot take a bulldozer to the stomach and keep going like nothing happened. Jason can do this, because he is Jason. Roy cannot do this because he drives a frikkin ambulance.

2. …sorry, I mistook you for a monster-sized serial killer

Characters mistake short, fat guys for tall, lean, muscular un-dead men. Two funny scenarios for this are when Shelly goes into the barn in a wet suit in part 3, and because he is carrying the harpoon and mask, Vera mistakes Jason for him just before he shoots the harpoon into her eye. Shelly is about 5’9 and round. Jason in part 3 is about 6’5 and shaped like a statue. No way you could mistake one for the other. The other is our lovely couple at the beginning of 3 again. Jason, our 6’5 powerhouse, is standing in the yard as Edna’s laundry blows in the wind. She sees him and says, “Harold?” as she just finished watching the news which told her that there was a slaughter at Crystal Lake the night before and the killer has not been caught. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

1. Toilet Break

And the number one stupidest and funniest observation about Friday the 13th, might make you a bit queasy. I hope you are not having lunch. The characters in Friday the 13th are some of the most disgusting characters in movie history. There are three instances where people are doing their business in the bathroom and they do not wipe their behinds before going off to find out what they strange noise was. Harold, the roadside convenience store owner at the beginning of 3, also in 3, the Cheech and Chong dude and in part V, Damon, the older brother of Reggie, all are on the toilet, hear a strange noise and then pull up their pants after doing a number 2. Damon is the worse of the bunch as you hear him doing his business but no TP is used for the bung hole. Very unsavoury individuals.

I hope you enjoyed this lighter side of Friday the 13th – what are your favourite silly moments?

Written and compiled by Dan Grant.
Follow Dan on Twitter @baumer72. You can find out more about his love of horror films here.

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About the Author
Dan Grant is an author and horror film fan from Canada. His first novel Terrified and Defenseless is now available for e-download from Amazon. Follow Dan on Twitter @baumer72.

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  1. Avatar
    Fogs' Movie Reviews Reply

    OH, Man!

    This list was great… right up to… how is the toxic waste melting from the finale of Jason Takes Manhattan not on the list? I’d have it #1!

    The sewers of New York flood with acidic, radioactive sludge every night? What? 😀

    Oh well, I should lay off… this franchise is so loaded with “dumb moments” that a top 50 would still have omissions. LOL

    Fun read, man. Good times.

  2. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    FOG. Yes, I’m glad you mentioned those two. I guess my love of the franchise ends with part 6. I like 7, hate 8 and don’t like 9 and think X is silly but fun. I haven’t seen 8 as much as I have the early ones. But now that you mention it, the toxic waste thing did make me laugh as well. Damn. I think I’m going to have to go home and watch 8 now tonight….lol.

  3. Avatar
    mark Reply

    Why is there a pic of a hot chick in white panties in number one, when the text actually concerns itself with three guys doing number twos?

    I want an explanation.

  4. Avatar
    Rodney Reply

    LOL!! Awesome list, dude. I’m not as familiar with the F13th films as you are, but there’s some awesome reasons to watch them here on this list!! I did laugh, I truly did. Nice work.

  5. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    I think the hot chick is there at number 1 cuz no one wants to see a picture of someone taking a number 2. lol

  6. Avatar
    Kurt Reply

    Brilliant DG!

    Another observation… regarding #10 in the dingy… why doesn’t it “pop” when Jason sticks a 2ft. blade through the middle of it to kill the woman? It is seen floating later when her boyfriend swims out to see her…

  7. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    @Mark: Two reasons – because hot chicks in panties have a certain element of allure to them – that’s about as polite as I can put it; and two, I prefer “girl in bathroom…erm…flossing” to “guy on crapper”! 🙂

  8. Avatar
    Scott Lawlor Reply

    Brilliant work Dan number 2!!! Funny as hell to read

  9. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Thanks for the responses guys. Glad you had a good time reading it.

  10. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply


    Didn’t you know that Jason carries a dingy repair kit around with him just for situtions like this one? You know when a beautiful, young naked woman is going to be sitting in the middle of a lake in a rubber dingy. You furthermore never know when you will need to kill her by putting your machete through here, thereby popping the dingy and having it sink. You also never know when a harpoon gun will come in handy. You also never know when the dead chicks boyfriend will come along basically asking for the harpoon in the nuts.

    The moral of the story, always carry a rubber dingy repair kit with you when stalking kids at Crystal Lake.

  11. Avatar
    Neal Damiano Reply

    Funny stuff nice list man….you have to suspend disbelief kind of too watch these films in the later years especially. Jason takes Manhatten when he is boxing the black kid on the roof and punches his head off. Do you know how hard he would have to punch him to literally knock the kids head off from his neck!! It’s utterly impossible just one that comes to my mind. The series was full of them but that’s what made it a great series.

  12. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Impossible and Friday the 13th jumped the shark loooong before part 8….lolLike I mentioned, Roy the ambulance driver got bulldozed in the stomach and shattered doors by walking through them. So the realm is impossibility is non existent in this series.

  13. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    I am just in the process of watching Friday the 13th part VIII and it’s even worse than I remember. I mean, I gave it a 1 before but I think that’s generous. And as Fog said, the toxic waste stuff in 8 is a joke and all of the child Jason stuff is WTF as well. The whole film could make a ranking all by itself.

  14. Avatar
    Daniel Reply

    I always found it funny that the “newsreel” footage seen on TV in “Part 3” is just movie footage from “Part 2”. Ha-ha! Nice list!

  15. Avatar
    Alex Withrow Reply

    Ha love this. Trying to justify and explain all of the dumb shit that happens in these movies (these movies that I love, mind you), is definitely futile. Logic must be suspended in order to remotely enjoy them. But I suppose that’s what makes them so priceless.

  16. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    @Daniel: Yes, good point, that is pretty funny.

    @Alex: I love them too (obviously) but as you pointed out, it is hard to justify all the stuff that happens here.

    Here is one more, and I know stuff like this is silly to try to criticize but in part IV when Jason uses the hacksaw on Axel (in the room when he is watching the workout video girls) that is nearly impossible. There is no way Jason would have gotten out of the wall that he was put in without him hearing it. Jason would of had to open the door, pull himself out, break the straps, and then find a saw and then cut his neck, all without being heard from or seen, even though the cold storage is right behind the couch Axel is on…lol

  17. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    And, just for the record, there is another Friday the 13th coming out in 2015. Very good news.

  18. Avatar
    Karen Reply

    Well I’m confused because in Freddy vs jason, jason is afraid of water yet we see him in a few of the movies with him in the water……I did notice how he threw that girl out the window and he’s just standing there lol. But I think the movies just got very stupid after 4

  19. Avatar
    Peter Röder Reply

    Im a big fan of the franchise and I will here list dumbest, weirdest moments that has not been mentioned. 1. Jason is not a mongoloid in part 8 2. Jason is not in part 5 3. Part 9 is crap 4. Cruise starting at Crystal Lake to go to New York? 5. I agree with the swimming remarks but could be the adult Jason has learned how to swim 6. The remake is pointless, futile and adds almost nothing to the franchise 7. Jason X is pretty much crap 8. Jason vs Freddy is not a very good movie 8. The father coming up to attack Jason in part 7 looking completely normal 9. Telekinesis in part 7 is cliched and badly explained 10. Jason teleports around New York (and the movie hardly takes place in New York at all) and gets all his victims in part 8 11. Many kills are unrealistic but this is because of censorship as well. 12. As usual in these slashers people hide wrong places cannot get away cannot hide etc. Dont get me wrong I love the movies. Actually I think this is the best movie series of all time. By the way about disgusting moments that are not really into the feeling of the movies one might mention spitting in the food in part 5. Also notice dancing characters by the way. A lot of funny dancing in the movies especially Violet and Glover. Anyway, I really love these movies. Compare also with the two famous computergames. I dont know if there are more than two computergames about this series.

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