The new Prometheus trailer hints at old enemy

The latest Prometheus trailer hints at an old enemy as director Ridley Scott continues to build the excitement ahead of the film’s June 1st release in the UK.

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Oh how the excitement overcame me during Sunday’s episode of American TV drama Homeland. The Claire Danes/Damian Lewis-fronted thriller about a CIA operative tracking a terrorist group attempting to cause havoc in the United States has rightly been met with universal acclaim. However, this fantastic show was overshadowed by UK broadcaster Channel 4 premiering the latest Prometheus trailer during the first advert break. With a suitably grandiose introduction by the broadcaster (and the invite to post tweets about it to be shown at the next ad break) the new trailer began to play with my bum glued to seat and my eyes glued to screen.

In the best trailer yet, director Ridley Scott shows more glimpses of the film’s relationship to his 1979 classic Alien. We see the Space Jockey seemingly attacking someone (or perhaps escaping from something) in holographic form, the legs of what could be the alien as seen in the original films (or something closely approximating it) and the a bursting alien egg. The trailer also hints at the acid-for-blood of the alien species.

I think it is worth watching again so let’s watch it together!

To see footage from the set of Prometheus have a look here. We also have more on the film including its inclusion in our Iconic Image feature as well as the eagerly anticipated very first Prometheus trailer.

Prometheus is released in the UK June 1st.

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    Pete Reply

    But which is better, this trailer or the new TDKR trailer?

  2. Avatar
    DEZMOND Reply

    is it true that my dear Patrick Wilson appears in the film, since I don’t think I’ve seen him so far in the trailers?

  3. Avatar
    Daniel Reply

    I have high hopes for this one !

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