Top 10 Julia Roberts Films

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Caroline (‘Caz’) Ames, over at Lets Go To The Movies, has been busy thinking about one of her favourite actresses lately. Julia Roberts, Hollywood’s biggest female star, who Caz lovingly refers to as ‘Jules’, has consistently put out hit after hit in a career spanning over twenty years since her debut in 1987.

Caz says, ‘I have just always loved her loads. Still to this day I watch her movies over and over, while hoping she will keep making more.’

Caz clarifies her list as one decided on ‘how enjoyable the movie is and how much I love Jules’ character and acting. So some movies may be missed off because of the enjoyment factor.’

10. Hook
Caz says: Well this was always one of my favorite movies when I was young and I still love watching it. I think it is such a good take on the Peter Pan story. What would happen if he did grow up? It’s a really interesting take on one of the most well known stories of the boy who did not grow up.
Caz’s favourite moment: I think it just has to be the fact that she is Tinkerbell and has wings. That is just great.

9. Steel Magnolias
Caz says: The cast, for starters, is just incredible – Jules, Sally Field, Shirley MacClaine, Olympia Dukakis, Daryl Hannah and Dolly Parton. It really doesn’t get much better than that. The tagline of this movie really does sum it up: the funniest movie to ever make you cry.
Caz’s favourite moment: I think it has to be for Shelby to decide to have a baby, even though that meant putting herself at risk with her health.

8. Ocean’s 11
Caz says: I don’t want to start sounding repetitive but it’s a fantastic cast again. It really is great, and for Jules to be the leading lady in this is even better. I love the storyline to this movie, it is so clever and really keeps you guessing until the end and you’re never quite sure if you’re going to be right.
Caz’s favourite moment: Tess telling Danny that they are over (even though she forgives him in the end). But seeing someone being good enough to say no to George Clooney deserves a lot of credit.

7. America’s Sweethearts
Caz says: Two of my favourite actresses in the same movies…and as sisters! What is not to love? Ok the story is a bit predictable but I really do love seeing Catzy and Jules together on the screen. I do think John Cusack and Billy Crystal made this movie very enjoyable and amusing. It is a very tongue in cheek comedy, poking fun at the movie industry.
Caz’s favourite moment: When she tells Eddie (John Cusack) that she was the one by the pool and that she has liked him for years.

6. Runaway Bride
Caz says: Reuniting Jules with Richard, who share so much chemistry with each other, and just seem to fit together so well. So for their second movie together this was a good choice. Another rom-com which is just so good, and all about getting married…or running in Maggie’s case.
Caz’s favourite moment: Saying the perfect proposal to Ike…after he had told her what the perfect proposal would be.

5. Stepmom
Caz says: Because it really broke my heart. A fantastic dramatic movie with funny parts, with two incredible actresses in Jules and Susan Sarandon. They really were just fantastic in their arguments and then intimate conversations. Heartbreaking because of the storyline, and that the children do not like Isabel at first but they all get along to get through it together.
Caz’s favourite moment: When Ben hurts himself and has to go to hospital…when she sings to him.

erin brockovich julia roberts

4. Erin Brockovich
Caz says: She eventually won an Oscar! For her role as Erin. It is a true story of a woman who ended up working in a lawyer’s office, made such a difference to a small town, and helped impact people’s lives. Some of the dialogue for Jules is just fantastic too.
Caz’s favourite moment: All of her lines towards Ed and the spiteful women in the office when they first meet her.

3. Closer
Caz says: Because it is so messed up and seems more true to life than other movies. It is a totally different type of role for Jules, and I have to admit some of the lines she has can be quite shocking at first. It is so far from her rom-com roots which are most well known to people. I just love how the lives of the 4 people are just so well interwoven. The acting by all 4 is incredible, as no one else is in the movie.
Caz’s favourite moment: When she is about to leave Larry and they have an argument about Dan. It’s all just fantastic acting in my opinion.

2. My Best Friend’s Wedding
Caz says: I just love it so much. I have watched it so many times I really do know it all word for word and find myself singing along to the ‘say a little pray for you’ part. I adore the soundtrack and when listening to different songs just picture the movie. It has to be every girl’s nightmare – your best guy friend, who you have known forever, getting married when you realise that you are indeed in love with him. But actually trying to split them up like Jules does is quite crazy – haha. Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) is fantastic in this, I just love the karaoke ‘Just dont know what to do with myself…’ (I can do the best impression of that!). But one thing that annoys me is Michael (Dermot Mulroney) seems jealous when she says she is going to marry George (Rupert Everett). I mean he is going to marry Kimmy but then looks jealous about Jules – that is a typical man thing.
Caz’s favourite moment: Loaning them the song at the wedding

pretty woman julia roberts

1. Pretty Woman
Caz says: It is the ultimate chick flick! And it is the role that shot Jules to ultimate stardom and made her become loved so much. Which is probably strange when you remember that she is indeed a prostitute. Rich businessman Edward (Richard Gere) ends up hiring Vivien for the whole week, staying in the penthouse suite at a posh hotel. She attends different meetings and events with him, and yes they do end up falling in love. But they do have problems before eventually getting together in the end. But it is really just the best, I am yet to find a woman who does not like it.
Caz’s favourite moment: Going back into the shop on Rodeo Dr. – big mistake! One of the best moments. Everyone would love to do that!

Our Julia Roberts Top 10 was contributed by Caroline Ames who writes movie news and reviews site Lets Go To The Movies. Her original list with more comments by Caroline can be found here.

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    She is absolutely my fave movie star right now. What a great performer. Just fabulous!

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    Julia Roberts always has that classic beauty that I admire.

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    About to catch Eat Pray Love~~~
    pray for me xD I have a love/hate relationship with Julia xD

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