Dracula Prince of Darkness – audio problems

Have you experienced audio problems with StudioCanal UK’s March 5th 2012 release of Hammer Films’ Dracula Prince of Darkness? If so, solution now available.

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Hammer fans were left bitterly disappointed about the new blu-ray release of its classic vampire flick Dracula Prince of Darkness. The double play release starring the great Christopher Lee was met with disdain by fans after the audio appeared out of sync with the onscreen action. StudioCanal UK has quickly moved to resolve the issue which it admits is present on the discs released March 5th. If you have one of these faulty blu-ray’s StudioCanal UK is requesting you email your proof of purchase and mailing address to [email protected]. A working replacement will then be sent.

StudioCanal UK has said that the issue only affects “a couple of scenes” and that the issue is “small” in nature. The problem apparently occurred during the authoring stage, and although it was flagged, it was not rectified. There has been no mention of whether the current release has been recalled. So, evidently, those discs on shop shelves at the moment will have the audio fault.

Have you bought Dracula Prince of Darkness on blu-ray? Did you notice the audio problem? Have you sent off for a replacement and does the new version fix the audio issue?

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  1. Avatar
    Alan Hamilton Reply

    Hi, does anyone notice the problem at the staking scene there seems to be a slight hic up or editing problem just before Andrew Keir stakes Barbara Shelley? Also it is great to see the original British titles for the film but they seem pale compared to the other titles in the film?

  2. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    @Alan: Is this on the version released March 5th or the “fixed” replacement?

  3. Avatar
    Alan Hamilton Reply

    Hi Dan,

    I bought my copy on the 7th of march so it will not be the fixed replacement. How is your copy?

  4. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    @Alan: I’m waiting for replacement at the moment so haven’t watched the original copy in its entirety. I will check the scene in question on my copy and see if the problem is there too.

    Can you give me a time when the glitch occurs?

  5. Avatar
    Alan Reply

    Hi Dan,

    The scene in question is just before Andrew Kerr hammers the stake into Barbara Shelley. There is a definate break in the sound track and the picture as if this was cut at some piont?


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