Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method approaches

David Cronenberg’s latest film looks at the tumultuous relationship between prominent psychoanalysts Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud in the early 20th century.

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It seems whatever David Cronenberg does it is inherently fascinating. His obsessions with the human body – both inside and out – have embodied some truly brilliant pieces of cinema. There’s the techno-surrealism of Videodrome, head-exploding telekinesis of Scanners, and fear of an AIDS epidemic in Shivers. There’s the great (Dead Ringers, The Brood, The Fly), the good (Spider, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises) and the darn right ugly (Crash, eXistenZ) yet whether you like the Canadian-born filmmaker’s distinct oeuvre there’s no denying he makes his audience’s sit up and take notice.

His latest film, A Dangerous Method starring the suddenly ever-present Michael Fassbender and regular Cronenberg co-conspirator Viggo Mortensen, takes the director’s fascination with psychoanalysis to the next level. Set on the eve of World War I, the film looks at the tumultuous relationship between three prominent psychologists – Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, Sigmund Freud, the founder of the discipline of psychoanalysis, and Sabina Spielrein who later becomes one of the most prominent female psychoanalysts.

For A Dangerous Method, Cronenberg – known for his graphic scenes of sex and violence – restrains his outlandish anarchic fetishes in favour of a restrained character piece based on Christopher Hampton’s play. Thanks to Hampton adapting his own script for the film and Cronenberg’s reserved approach the film fails to shed its theatrical roots. But Cronenberg knows how to cleverly mix the stories of these three prominent thinkers, coaxing strong performances from Mortensen and Fassbender.

A Dangerous Method is released nationwide February 10th in the UK. The trailer is below.

A Dangerous Method (Dir. David Cronenberg):

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  1. Avatar
    DEZMOND Reply

    it is shocking how Fass My Benders wasn’t nominated for the Oscars this year either for this nor for SHAME, but what can you expect from a ceremony which nominated mediocre actors such as Pitt and Clooney?

  2. Avatar
    Novroz Reply

    Although I haven’t yet seen any movie by Fassbender, but I agree with Dezzy there…Clooney and Pitt are just mediocre.

    This one sounds interesting. I will wait for the DVD. I like Viggo

  3. Avatar
    MarkusWelby1 Reply

    The Viggo Cronenberg combo has been so far so good. can’t wait to see this one.

  4. Avatar
    David Reply

    Looking forward to this one!!

  5. Avatar
    Ronan Reply

    Thias sounds fascinating. You’re right about Fassbender being ever present at the moment, he is Hollywood’s go to guy for just about everything these days. I like Viggo Mortensen. He has a quiet strength that is appealing. I recently got a copy of A History of Violence, not sure whether to watch it, I hear it is quite difficult to watch but then, as you say, that’s Cronenberg all over. Great post Dan, thanks for putting this on my radar!

  6. Avatar
    The Focused Filmographer Reply

    I’m curious to know if Keira will be the same in this film as she is in most…

  7. Avatar
    ruth Reply

    I’m curious about this one, but it’s more for a rental as I probably need to turn on the subtitles 🙂

  8. Avatar
    Raghav Reply

    Being a Psychology major this movie appeals to me on more than one level. Unfortunately, I have heard not so great reviews of the film, but then that has never stopped me from seeing a film. Looking forward to seeing this.

  9. Avatar
    Colin Reply

    Oh the chin, the chin…

    Entire reviews, I predict, will centre around Mizz Knightley’s lower mandible.

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