Top 10 Time Travel Films of the great concepts of fiction...allowing creative minds to let their imaginations run wild. In film, there have been some great examples of time-travel as we find out...
Posted On 02 Sep 2013

Top 10 Films that Reflect the Impact of Mining

From There Will Be Blood in the past to Total Recall in the future and Avatar in space, mining has played a significant role in a number of great movies. Mark Fraser picks out the best… American writer Mark Twain once famously said that a gold mine was nothing more than “a hole...
Posted On 31 Aug 2013

10 Movies Afflicted with Space Madness

Intergalactic lunacy might not get much of a mention in the medical journals, but there’s plenty of it about in the movies, as Mark Fraser has discovered...
Posted On 04 Aug 2013

Top 10 Scariest Robots, Cyborgs and Artificial Intelligence

Top 10 Films takes a look at the most frightening robots, cyborgs and artificial intelligence to grace the screens of horror and science-fiction.

Prometheus Opts For Pure Sci-fi Over Thrills Of Past Adventures

Prometheus takes us back to the planet where the story of the Alien franchise began. But does Ridley Scott's highly anticipated film of 2012 begin the saga with a whimper or a bang?

Review: The Hunger Games

Rob Keeling throws his hat into The Hunger Games ring with his take on Gary Ross' adaptation of Suzanne Collins novel. Was he as enthusiastic about it as everyone else?
Posted On 23 Apr 2012

Review: Deja Vu

I get that feeling I've seen this before. Or maybe not. Tony Scott's 2006 thriller starring Denzel Washington is an enjoyable if messy affair.

Review: The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins' novel The Hunger Games makes its debut on the big screen under the guiding hand of Pleasantville and Seabiscuit director Gary Ross. How does it shape up?