Man of Steel Suffers from Miscasting & Poor Script

Man of Steel is suitably dark but overall disappointing with some miscasting and a poor script. Ellen Daniels takes a look at the film for Top 10 Films.
Posted On 16 Jun 2013

Top 10 Crazy Christmas Film Titles

Most Christmas films hang a concept on an assortment of obvious key words - Christmas, Santa, Snow...but what happens when filmmakers run out of ideas or want to be overly creative?
Posted On 05 Dec 2011

Top 10 Versions Of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Ten film versions of Charles Dickens' classic tale A Christmas Carol? Surely not? But there is. More than 10 in fact. Rory Fish sorts the good from the bad
Posted On 02 Dec 2011

Top 10 Romantic Films Men Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Love

Rory Fish delivers his expose on the romance genre. He highlights ten films that steer clear of genre stereotypes to open up the boy meets girl story to manly-man types who like a bit of love without the romancing. Read on, you might find a few surprises.
Posted On 07 May 2011

Top 25 Films To Make You Happy

Films that make us happy. It can depend entirely on the day of the week, a particular mood, a desire for a specific genre or type of story. But I do know that films offer at least one of our outlets when we turn to entertainment as a means to lift our mood. But, choosing ten,...
Posted On 07 Oct 2010