Hollywood Movies That Inspired Casino Games

Online casino games are designed to bring the bliss of gambling to your homes, giving you the same thrilling experience as you get in playing games at land-based casinos.  Online casinos are user’s favourite as they let them play in privacy from the comfort of their homes and offers a huge variety of casino games.

The variants in the online casino games are because of the theme, stories and symbols that they offer. There are a whole lot of casino games available in the market, and before choosing the online slot we first check out the theme of the game. And if you find your favourite character from the movie hanging around, you will certainly wish to try out that game.

There are many online casino games based on favourite Hollywood blockbusters of all times. The story, characters and theme of the blockbuster are recreated into a hit online games. Players love to see their beloved character from the Hollywood movie on the reels. These games offer you entertainment as well as fortune with bonus features.

Box office hits to online slots

Jurassic park:-  The Jurassic park online slot by Microgaming is based on 2015 blockbuster film. This slot offers 5 reels and 243 paylines. The reels are set in the backdrop of a jungle with dinosaurs.  With this online slot, you will feel as if dinosaurs are coming alive on your device. It is the perfect combination of lively graphics and big wins.

Terminator:-  If you are a movie buff then Terminator must be your one of the favourite series. The online slot based on this blockbuster is hit among players because of the way the main character is picturized on the reels. It sports 5 reels and 20 paylines in total. With this online slot, you will feel as if you are one of the characters in the movie and playing a part in completing the mission.

Psycho: – Experience some thrilling suspense with this online slot based on 1950’s box office hit. This slot is recreated by ‘NextGen’ one of the renowned name in online gaming industry.

The Psycho Slot is one of a kind like the movie. With the 3D graphics and haunting soundtrack the online slot offers plenty of ways to win.

Bridesmaids:- Bridesmaids was a 2011 blockbuster depicting the story of 2 women living their life and the funny engagement party. Microgaming developed an online slot based on the same storyline and characters. It is one the best re-creation of a Hollywood blockbuster. It offers 40 paylines, blazing multipliers and exciting free spin. Girls, get ready for a pinkish appeal in the online slot.

Tomb Raider: – There is an online slot for action lovers too called Tomb Raider based on Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood flick. In the movie, the main character Angelina is seen doing some action packed scenes with an aim to solve the mysterious case. The online slot offers the same action packed theme and a hefty payout. You will be delighted to see Angie displaying her stunts on the reels.

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