Christmas Gifts For The Film Fan

We try to help you solve those festive headaches by revealing the perfect Christmas gifts for the film fan. From books to games to streaming sticks and retro art, we highlight our top 10 affordable gift ideas for the movie fanatic.

Christmas gifts for the film fan

Top 10 Films reveals ten affordable gifts for the film fan

For the film buff in the family who has access to all the movies he or she could ever wish for, what would make a perfect Christmas gift when DVDs and Blu-rays aren’t an option? Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the film fan can be problematic when they’ve seen “everything” and their mammoth collection of DVDs and Blu-rays as well as subscriptions to video-on-demand services means they have access to every movie under the sun. You could get a new release but they’ve probably already seen the film. You could get them a re-release of a classic but they’ve probably already bought it themselves.

Let Top 10 Films take this stress away as we give you our top 10 Christmas gifts for the film fan – there’s not a DVD or Blu-ray in sight. These affordable gifts won’t break the bank and will make the ideal Christmas present for those friends and family who love movies.

10. Ultimate Spider-Man Sinister 6 Spidey Sense Mask

Available from and other retailers – £31.99

Christmas gifts for the film fanBecome Spider-Man with this ace mask from Hasbro and available from The big kid inside emerges once you’ve put on the mask which includes more than three dozen Spidey-phrases. Of course, the mask is better suited to the little Spider-Man fans in the family so perhaps you’ll have to work out a rota for sharing “mask time”. I know I had to. I paired the mask with the Iron Spider Color Shock Slinger, also available from, which uses a small can of child-friendly Spidey Shot web fluid to enable you to fire your own “webs”. There’s lots of great gift ideas for the movie fan on As a fan of the Logo board game I was thrilled to see a TV and Movie version available. This is a great game and a perfect gift for the film fan this Christmas as it tests your movie knowledge but is very inclusive so all the family can get involved. The amount of question cards also means you get plenty of value out of the game

9. Superman Slipper Socks

Available from and other retailers – £9.99

Christmas gifts for the film fanSocks – they’re a safe bet when it comes to Christmas presents. Like food, everyone needs socks. And what better for the movie fan than these Superman Slipper Socks from From the casual movie fan to the devoted buff, wearing a pair of Superman socks at Christmas is the perfect complement to the classic Christmas Jumper “look”.

These “Heat Holders” are designed to keep your feet cosy over the cold winter months along with the added bonus of a grip sole tread. Socks are available for children, men and women, with a range of contemporary movie favourites inspiring theirs designs including Marvel characters, Star Wars and Frozen. I like to think of it as a little treat for my feet – they can be superheroes for a day!

8. The Art Of Finding Dory And Other Hardback Books From Abrams And Chronicle

Available from Abrams and Chronicle and other retailers – £20 to £25

Christmas gifts for the film fanI found a number of wonderfully glossy hardback books available from Abrams and Chronicle that would provide perfect gifts for the film fan this Christmas. My favourite is The Art of Finding Dory, a full colour pictorial-led hardback with jacket that features the imaginative art of Don Shank, Tim Evatt and Shelly Wan as well as others across 176 pages. It’s a true celebration of Pixar magic and provides an intimate portrait of the creative process behind bringing these adventurous tales to life.

Other books are better suited to the cult film fan this Christmas. The Wes Anderson Collection: Bad Dads is a hardback book bringing together some of the best works featured at Spoke Art Gallery’s “Bad Dads” exhibition which sees hundreds of artists produce everything from paintings to sculptures, all inspired by the films of the offbeat director. An introduction from film critic and author Matt Zoller Seitz, foreword from Wes Anderson himself, and an original cover designed by graphic artist Max Dalton make the Bad Dads hardback even more appealing.

Speaking of Zoller Seitz, he also collaborated with filmmaker Oliver Stone to look back at the writer-director’s work. This has resulted in The Oliver Stone Experience, an immersive, exhaustively detailed 480 page hardback featuring both critical analysis of Stone’s films and honest autobiography. The book also features colour illustrations.

7. Star Wars™ Virtual Reality Viewers

Available from Wow! Stuff, Argos, Marks & Spencer, Amazon, Hamleys and other retailers – £15

Christmas gifts for the film fanFor Star Wars fans, there are surely few Christmas gifts for the film fan as good as this, particularly because these immersive virtual reality viewers are so affordable at just £15. Predicted to be one of Argos’ best sellers over Christmas by its gift buyer James Kemp, the range includes a variety of designs inspired by the characters of George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away including C-3P0, Darth Vader and R2-D2, as well as BB-8 from the latest adventure Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Taking the world of Star Wars to a new level for movie fans, these VR viewers not only let you go adventuring with Luke Skywalker and the gang but give users access to thousands of 3D worlds courtesy of Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Based on the Google Cardboard Viewer, these fun VR viewers from British toy inventor WOW! Stuff are an ideal gift for the film fan because they not only provide access to some brilliant movie-inspired virtual reality environments but capture that sense of theatre you get from a trip to the cinema. Suitable for users aged 8 and up, the VR viewer is designed to be used with most smartphones with screens up to six inches.

Definitely a great Christmas gift for the film fan, get started by downloading the official Star Wars ™app for Android [] or iOS [] and watch more Star Wars™ VR and 3D content at

6. From Russia With Love: The Novel

Available from The Folio Society book shop and other retailers – £34.95

Christmas gifts for the film fanThe Folio Society are renown for producing wonderful editions of classic literature, books that celebrate the tangibles as well as the intangibles of reading. Its catalogue features an array of fiction and non-fiction including works from Douglas Adams, Jane Austen, Isaac Asimov and Terry Pratchett. This year I was lucky enough to get a copy of Ian Fleming’s James Bond adventure From Russia with Love. For many, it’s Fleming’s best book and is undoubtedly responsible for one of the best movie adaptations starring the first 007, Sean Connery. This beautifully presented hardback features illustrations by Fay Dalton.

5. Roku Streaming Stick

Available from various retailers – £30

Christmas gifts for the film fanWhen thinking about the perfect Christmas gifts for a film fan, consider what they can and can’t watch. Do they watch DVDs and Blu-rays mainly, or do they watch via subscription TV services like Sky and Virgin, or do they satisfy their film diet via streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Now TV? While the Roku Streaming Stick is great for any kind of film fan because of its access to BBC channels and BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Hub and Demand 5, it’ll also transform your HD TV into a Smart TV with direct access to the best in online streaming. Your film fan friend or family member won’t miss a single Christmas classic on TV this year with Roku’s streaming stick. It’s a tough market with Amazon and Google offering excellent alternatives but Roku’s device gets most things right and it benefits from not force-feeding you branded products, instead allowing you more freedom to choose from the array of options out there. The device is also excellent for travelling with easy connection via Hotel & Dorm Connect and can be controlled via the easy-to-use remote or via the Roku Smartphone/tablet app.

4. Anki Overdrive – Supertrucks

Available from Anki and various retailers – £59.99 (Supertrucks) / £149.99 (Anki Overdrive starter pack)

Christmas gifts for the film fanIf you enjoyed Scalextric as a kid, you’re going to love Anki Overdrive. If you love computer games, you’re going to love Anki Overdrive. If you love the thrill of a movie car chase, guess what, you’re going to love Anki Ovedrive. This racing car game marries modern engineering with computer game technology to produce the thrills of videogame racing in a live environment.

The adaptable game, which allows you to build different tracks to race on, could be described as Mario Kart in Real Life, each AI-equipped racing car powered by the player through a smart device such as iPhone or Android device with power-ups and battle modes adding further drama on the way to the finish line. The result of years of ambitious research and development into artificial technology and software engineering, Anki has successfully created a live-action game that will thrill all ages.

It’ll be a particularly good present if you desire gifts for the film fan – whether they are eight years old or enjoying retirement – as it inspires imagination and gets the adrenaline pumping by bringing the car chase into the living room. The recently released Supertrucks which give players new vehicles to control on the track, have a further movie-related connection as they were designed by Hollywood’s own Harald Belker whose visionary work can be seen in the futuristic vehicles of Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, 2010’s sequel to Tron and 2012’s remake of Total Recall.

We had so much fun with the Supertrucks which have been added to the range to offer a supersized match-up on the track. Indeed, they’re triple the size of the Anki Supercars. Although Anki’s starter pack and add-ons aren’t cheap, the game continues to evolve meaning while there are further purchases on offer the race can be updated and the thrills renewed and revitalised as and when you want. For those who already have an Anki set-up at home, the Supertrucks retail at £59.99 and bring a new dimension to the game. They feature powerful new weapons such as the Pulse Ram to blast opponents off the track and the Gravity Trap to disable opponents’ Supercars, disabling their controls. A new game mode has also been introduced. This is called Takeover which enables players to take control of their opponents’ vehicle in order to wreak havoc on the track.

There’s literally hours of fun to be had with Anki Overdrive. It’s totally addictive, fun for friends and family all year round, and an ideal present for the thrill-seeking film fan this Christmas.

3. Movie Posters From

Available from – £12

Christmas gifts for the film fanIf you’re anything like me, I love finding myself in boutique shops that sell retro memorabilia and fan-created movie art. There aren’t enough of these shops around on the high street so we can only be thankful that many have developed an online presence. If I happened across a BeArty shop on the high street the chances are I’d be browsing its collections of bespoke movie posters for several hours. I might have to be asked to politely leave come closing time, probably having spent a small fortune.

Enjoying contributions from many talented artists, BeArty has a whole range of wall art available, not just posters inspired by film, but I was am unsurprisingly drawn to its wonderful posters. I particularly fell for Robert Farkas’ “Let’s Have A Ride” which shows a freewheeling Darth Vader flying in silhouette across the face of the Death Star. It is inspired by the classic studio poster depicting the famous scene of the BMX bikers in E.T. and their alien-powered flight.

2.’s Cinema Light Box

Available from – £29.99

Christmas gifts for the film fanMake a film buff’s dreams come true with the Cinema Light Box from! Okay, maybe they dream a bit bigger than this but if they’re anything like me then this comes as close to movie heaven as can be, especially when I can put my name in lights! The billboard comes armed with an assortment of interchangeable letters, symbols and numbers. Your desire is the Light Box’s command – simply arrange the letters however you want. If you’re having a movie party you could always introduce everyone to the film you’re going to watch or maybe it’s someone’s birthday and you put their name in lights. Or if you’re like me, you’ll put your own name on the Cinema Light Box, turn down the lights and sit marvelling at it for a good hour! is worth checking out for more gift ideas – they have literally hundreds of innovative, quirky, funny and retro products on sale, many of them for under £30.

1.’s Personalised Multiplex Sign

Available from – £14.99

Christmas gifts for the film fanMy favourite Christmas gift idea for the film fan this year has to be Chatterbox Walls’ personalised cinema sign. This can be tailor made to your own specifications which includes a variety of frames and sizes. Most importantly, you pick the films that feature so think of your family member or friend’s favourite movies. The picture looks great and is professionally printed on top-notch paper and presented in a good quality frame. There are options to get canvas prints or costlier boxed frames too. Because it’s personalised, it’s unique to each and every person. I think these look great on the wall and offer a Christmas gift option that has a wonderful personalise touch.

Hopefully we’ve given you some great Christmas gift ideas for the film fan. If you have other ideas, let us know…

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    There’s some wonderful gift-set-like presentations of Finding Dory out there. I picked one up for my niece for her birthday. They’d make a great Christmas gift.

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    Great ideas thanks guys. Love that movie sign.

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