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David at TasteofCinema.com has been very kind in nominating Top 10 Films for the 7×7 Link Award. This award, which highlights a blogger’s favourite pieces of work, must be passed to 7 others.

First, the rules of the 7×7 Link Award:

RULE 1: Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

RULE 2: Link to one of the posts that I personally think best fits the following categories: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, and Most Pride-Worthy Piece.

RULE 3: Pass this award on to seven other bloggers.

Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

Ooh…tricky one. Okay…here’s an embarrassing one. When I was about fifteen I wrote to Sarah Michelle Gellar expressing my undying love for her. For weeks I agonised over whether I’d get a reply. Then a letter arrived with a Los Angeles postage stamp. Could it be from her..? Nope! It was from a grumpy Beverly Hills resident who informed I’d sent my love letter to the wrong address…

Sarah, if you are reading this, I’m sorry our romance could not end like it does in the movies…but if you’re ever town, look me up!

Most Beautiful Piece: Top 10 Seductresses in Film

…this one’s easy. The list does all the talking for me…

Most Helpful Piece: Top 10 Films to see before going to film school

With this list I did set out to find ten films that would help film students and prospective film students understand, appreciate and learn about cinema. It was impossible to pick just ten films to represent cinema’s rich and diverse history but the popularity of this list – one of the site’s most visited pages – showed that the post did at least go somewhere near to achieving its goal.

Most Popular Piece: Top 10 Sequels of All Time

Rodney’s controversial top 10 sequels of all time is still the site’s most popular post in terms of comments. Oh boy, did this post create some heated debate!

Most Controversial Piece: Top 10 Films to have driven people to murder

The title of this post threw people a little bit. I think some might have thought it was a sordid, ill-advised celebration of exploitation films but what I set out to look at here was films that have been claimed, by the killers themselves or the police in the aftermath, to have directly influenced murder. It made for some very interesting, if quite disturbing research. In the end I hope it also made for interesting reading.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece: Top 10 Quietly Important Films

Gregory Cwik’s thoughtful, in-depth and passionate look at some of cinema’s lesser known films that deserve greater attention was hugely popular. Despite its unassuming and rather vague title this post is one of the site’s most visited; it was retweeted on Twitter countless times and sent Reddit into a frenzy.

Most Underrated Piece: British Cinema’s Back Alleys and Byways: A Top 10

More unassuming than underrated, Anthony Nield’s brilliant look at the little seen side of British cinema has had plenty of hits but not the comments to back up those hits. I’m sure it has created lots of debate just not in the comments section. This is a must-read for anyone interested in avant-garde, little-seen and art house British cinema.

Most Pride-Worthy Piece: Top 10 Male Adventures of Self Discovery

This is one of those top 10s that gave me most pleasure in writing. It is a list I don’t think will ever change and features ten of my all time favourite films.

And now to pass the 7×7 Link Award on to seven other writers:

Claire at Cinematic Delights – …because she loves film as much as me and she’s also just got a new job and is currently on cloud nine.
Rodney at Fernby Films – because his input into making Top 10 Films a success has been invaluable, his contributions have brought in thousands of readers, and his encouragement has kept me going.
Aidy at Aidy Reviews & Avalon at Smorgasbord – two recently discover writers who make the task of reviewing films look so effortless. They also make me very envious of their skills with the written word.
Jaina at Time Well Spent – another recently discovered site for me. I’m adding Jaina here for two reasons – she loves films and also has a passion for photography (one of my other artistic loves), while she is also an ace web developer. So, if my site ever breaks down, I’ll remind her of this post before asking for help!
Alex at And So It Begins – because when I needed a top 10 Woody Allen list to celebrate the release of Midnight In Paris he answered the call. His in-depth top 10 was based on a movie marathon when he watched every single Woody Allen film!
Raghav at Ticker Talks Film – because he started the great Twitter film discussion known as #MTOS and contributed the brilliant Top 10 Indian Films of the 2000s.

Written by Daniel Stephens.

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Editor of Top 10 Films, Dan Stephens is usually found pondering his next list. An unhealthy love of 1980s Hollywood sees most of his top 10s involving a time-travelling DeLorean and an adventurous archaeologist going by the name Indiana.

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  1. Aidy Reply

    Nice list and thanks so much for the mention. I am truly honored to be listed among your list of awesome writers and reviewers. And a belated congratulations are in order to you as well to one year of awesome review and top ten lists!

    Again, I am honored.

  2. David Reply

    I hope Sarah Michelle Gellar is reading the post,lol,which films of hers made you fell in love madly?

    I know there are many lists for me to discover,and I’m so right!!

  3. Dan Reply

    @David: I think it was I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2! 😉

  4. Alex Withrow Reply

    Dan, first off, the lists you linked above are incredible – your choice for most controversial is epic. Wow. Secondly, thanks so much for the award, it really means a lot. I. Love. This. Site.

  5. Rodney Reply

    Thanks for the link, Dan. My own post on this will be up tomorrow. Cheers!!

  6. le0pard13 Reply

    Congrats, Dan! I see I some Top 10 articles to catch up on 🙂

  7. Jaina Reply

    Thanks for the shout out Dan! Really am very chuffed! Thank you so much and yes, call on me if anything breaks! Though… I’d be horribly embarrassed if I couldn’t figure it out!

  8. Scott Reply

    Cool!! Congrats on the awrd matey

  9. Amy Reply

    Congratulations! Very well deserved 🙂 also, great answers! I’m going to enjoy reading through those posts.

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