The Reel Rundown: Best Football Films

England might be out – surprise, surprise – but World Cup fever hits boiling point today with the final between Argentina & Germany. So, The Reel Deal film show and Top 10 Films take a look at our favourite football films… You can see more from The Reel...


WIN! Remastered “Bound” on Blu-ray

Courtesy of Arrow Video Top 10 Films has THREE blu-rays to give away of neo-noir thriller Bound from the writer-director team that brought you The Matrix. See below for details & how to enter...


The Best of Clint Eastwood

It’s Clint Eastwood’s birthday on the 31st of May so Top 10 Films is celebrating the iconic Hollywood actor-director’s greatest work. The team picks their faves…


Top 10 Films of Joe Spinell

Joe Spinell is a name you might not immediately recognise but he's appeared in no less than three Best Picture Oscar-winning movies. Mark Fraser runs down his unique & diverse top 10 films.
Posted On 04 Jul 2014

Iconic Images

Iconic Images: Rocky (1976)

The inspirational ascension of the Philadelphia Museum of Art's entrance steps is the culmination of boxer Rocky's unbreakable determination to overcome adversity and beat the odds...

Great Movie Posters

Great Film Posters: Something Wild (1986)

This "great male adventure in self discovery" sees Jeff Daniels whisked off his feet by free-spirit Melanie Griffith and taken for the "ride" of his life...

Classic Scenes

Classic Scenes #15: Kes (1969)

While football (soccer) hasn’t appeared in film as many times as other popular American sports there have been some great examples of the game in the movies. Kes is one of the finest… The following is extracted from my Top 10 Films about Football Kes sees timid,...


“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” is a Summer Blockbuster with Heart & Intelligence

Taking place ten years after "Rise", Dawn of the Planet of the Apes sees the ape population come to blows with their human counterparts in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco...


“A Hard Day’s Night” is as Good as Ever

The UK was at the height of Beatlemania when A Hard Day's Night arrived in 1964. Now 50 years on it gets special treatment for this brand new...

As Funny as a Punch in the Face, “The Hooligan Factory” is an Absolute Stinker

Football might be a "funny old game" but you wouldn't know that from Nick Nevern's pointless hooligan spoof. Ryan Pollard checks out the mess...


Culture Shock Hit “Three Men and a Baby” is Great Fun but Proved to be Career Suicide for its Stars

Leonard Nimoy's delightful comedy Three Men and a Baby was the most successful movie at the US box office in 1987 yet its stars all but...


Bill Paxton’s Directorial Debut “Frailty” is the Work of a Movie Veteran

Bill Paxton makes his directorial debut with this terrific horror film from 2001. The film sees a murderous father single out people who he...


Visually Stunning but Frank Miller’s “The Spirit” Lacks Substance

Frank Miller's cinematic adaptation of the newspaper comic strip by Will Eisner might be visually striking but lacks substance and, crucially,...


Top 10 Movie Love Songs of All Time

A great romance and a melodic ballad go hand-in-hand when it comes to the movies. In this list, Top 10 Films takes a look at the best movie love...
Posted On 13 Feb 2014


Gravity is mind-blowing; the film of the year

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity is a cinematic landmark featuring mind-blowing effects, smart use of 3D and a career best performance from Sandra Bullock.


“Captain Phillips” is Multi-Layered & Riveting

Paul Greengrass presents an enthralling, multi-layered depiction of the 2009 real-life hijacking of U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama with...

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